When we change Proposition 13, we will not only return the state to a fair and equitable real estate property tax collection system but most importantly restore its fiscal solvency

Do you agree with this statement? Whether you do or not, you, hopefully, cannot argue with the fact that the state is in a financial crisis and, with the exception of the financial heyday associated with the dot com bubble, has been for quite some time.

Consider the following:

The incredible frustration about this whole situation is no politician has skin thick enough to take this on-- no one wants to "raise taxes." What's it going to take? - houses burning down because fire stations are closing due to no money? What about the schools slipping further in per-pupil spending-- do we want to be the lowest state in the country in our support for educational spending (aren't we already)? Don't even start on social services.

The objective of this site is to support an open exchange of information/thoughts/issues surrounding Prop 13. Specifically, what options exist for changing Prop 13? Changing the way commercial property is taxed is one.

If you're interested in getting involved -- before cities & counties start declaring bankruptcy and the state ends up in junk bond status on its debt-- then join the Repeal Prop 13 Organization. All that's needed is an email address and your county of residence.

Visit the sign up page and join the effort to change Prop 13!

Any questions? - send us an email